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Caitlin Standing
Caitlin Standing
Physical Information
Name Caitlin Standing
Born c.1980s
Portrayed by Jodie Kelly (2003-2006)
Amy Nuttall (2014-)
First Appearance The Chinese Job
Final Appearance Last Man Standing, Part Two
Appearances see list
Occupational Information
Occupation Metropolitan Police Officer (??-)
Title Police Constable
Police Branch Community Support (??-)
Family Information
Spouse Robyn (2014-)
Father Gerald Standing
Mother Jayne Standing
Children Charles Standing
Other Norman Lestade (paternal grandfather)
Paula Standing (step-sister)
Amelia Standing (step-sister)
Gerald Standing II (nephew)
Sid Lestade (first cousin once removed)
Barry Lestade (first cousin once removed)
Harry Lestade (second cousin once removed)
Gary Lestade (second cousin once removed)
Larry Lestade (second cousin twice removed)
Terry Lestade (first cousin once removed)
Danny (first cousin once removed)[1]

Caitlin Standing is the youngest daughter of Gerry Standing. In 2014 she married a solicitor called Robyn and together they had a son named Charles, born in 2015. She was last seen at her father's funeral however she was aware that he was not actually dead.


Personal Life



  • There is a continuity error concerning who her mother is. In all her appearances where she is portrayed by Jodie Kelly it is stated that Jayne Standing is her mother however in Last Man Standing, Part Two it is explicitly stated that her mother is Alison Standing. For the purposes of this wiki it shall remain as the former until more concrete evidence comes to light.


  1. Queen And Country

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