I can't say I'm not disappointed. I hope that team of yours realises what a champion they have in you.
— Cynthia Kline, Life Expectancy

In-Universe Page
Cynthia Kline
Cynthia Kline
Physical Information
Name Cynthia Kline
Born c.1960s
Portrayed by Geraldine Somerville
Appearances Life Expectancy
The Crazy Gang
Occupational Information
Occupation Metropolitan Police Officer
Title Assistant Commissioner (2015; formerly)[1]

Cynthia Kline was an Assistant Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police Service. She was only two ranks below the most senior Metropolitan Police Officer, "The Commissioner". This made her senior to a majority of DACs, including Robert Strickland. Because of this, her personality was rather dominating and ruthless. She was also efficient in her line of work and attempted to cut costs by disbandening units and set up new teams that would focus on more pressing cases. In late 2015, shortly after her recruitment, she plotted to disband UCOS. To do this, she decided set up a new unit specialising in Honour Killings and offered the leading role to the current leader of UCOS, DCI Sasha Miller. It was a role which would also include a promotion to Detective Superintendent. However, she politely declined on the basis that it was too short a time from being promoted to lead UCOS and gaining the title "Detective Chief Inspector".[2] Displeased by this, she decided to quietly wait until she had a credible excuse to disband UCOS with or without Miller's cooperation. This would lead to Kline being reassigned to a different post with her replacement being DAC Robert Strickland.[3] It is assumed that UCOS was reformed in some way following her departure.


  • Kline can be viewed as somewhat of an antagonist due to her threat towards UCOS.


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