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Edward Case
Ted Case
Physical Information
Name Edward "Ted" Case
Born c.1940s
Portrayed by Larry Lamb
First Appearance Last Man Standing, Part Two
Final Appearance The Crazy Gang
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Occupational Information
Occupation Metropolitan Police Officer (??-??
Title ex-Detective Chief Inspector[1]
Police Branch Operation Trident Command Unit (??-??)
UCOS (2015)

Edward Case was a retired Detective Chief Inspector for the Metropolitan Police Officer, serving at one point as the Head of the Operation Trident Command Unit. In 2015 he was visited by Gerry Standing and Dan Griffin in relation to the disappearance and murder of DCI Martin Ackroyd. Only days later he was contacted again but this time by DAC Robert Strickland and was asked to temporarily lead the UCOS team until DCI Sasha Miller returned from hospital.[2] Sasha Miller later offered him a permanent place on the team which he accepted.[3]


  • He is the only member of UCOS to have met his predecessor.
  • He is the second member to make his debut before joining UCOS, the first being Steve McAndrew.
  • He is the only leader of UCOS that is male.
  • He is the last member of UCOS to join.


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  2. The Curate's Egg
  3. The Wolf Of Wallbrook
Preceded by
DCI Sasha Miller (2013-2015)
Leader of UCOS
Succeeded by
DCI Sasha Miller (2015)