I must say, I'm rather enjoying the keen-eyed detective noting anything out of the ordinary.
— Fiona Kennedy, Last Man Standing, Part One

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Fiona Kennedy
Fiona Kennedy
Physical Information
Name Fiona Kennedy
Born c.1960s
Portrayed by Tracy-Ann Oberman
First Appearance Romans Ruined
Final Appearance The Crazy Gang
Appearances see list
Occupational Information
Occupation Forensic Anthropologist (??-??)[1]
Title Doctor of Forensic Anthropology[2]
Police Branch UCOS (2014-2015)
Family Information
Spouse Crispin (divorced prior to 2014)[3]
Partner Daniel Griffin (2014-)[4][5]

Fiona Kennedy was a Forensic Anthropologist for the Metropolitan Police Service.[6] She was assigned specifically to aid UCOS briefly in 2014, and then full-time in 2015.[7] She was also Daniel Griffin's girlfriend as of 2014.[8][9] They have been dating for at least eight months.[10].


  • She was the only member of UCOS that was not a Police Officer, but rather a forensic scientist.
  • She was divorced at least once.
  • She owns a red Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider Veloce.


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