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This page is about Gerry's grandson.
You may be looking for his grandfather of the same name, found here.

Gerald Standing II
Physical Information
Name Gerald Standing II
Born c. 2004
Portrayed by Zac Kingett (2005)
Xavier Kingett (2005)
Jadyden Chamberlain (2012)
Appearances Talking To The Dead
A Delicate Touch
Love Means Nothing In Tennis
Family Information
Mother Paula Standing
Other Gerald Standing I (maternal grandfather)
Charles Standing (first cousin)
Amelia Standing (aunt)
Caitlin Standing (aunt)
Norman Lestade (great-grandfather)
Valerie Maud Lestade (great-grandmother)
Sid Lestade (first cousin twice removed)
Barry Lestade (first cousin twice removed)
Harry Lestade (second cousin twice removed)
Gary Lestade (second cousin twice removed)
Larry Lestade (second cousin three times removed)
Terry Lestade (first cousin three times removed)
Danny (first cousin twice removed)[1]

Gerald Standing II is the son of Paula Standing and the eldest grandson of Gerald Standing I.


  1. Queen And Country

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