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ID Parade
ID Parade
Series 1, Episode 2
Air date 1 April 2004
Written by Simon Block
Directed by Paul Seed
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The Chinese Job
Painting On Loan

ID Parade was the second episode of the first series of New Tricks.


UCOS investigate the death of a young policewoman, who was murdered 17 years ago.


Spoilers ahead

When a series of guns are discovered in a diving operation, the team open the case of a murdered policewoman when it is revealed that one gun, amongst a series of replicas, is the weapon that was used to kill her. The team suspect that a stalker, who was seen in the area at the time, is responsible for the killing, but when DNA evidence reveals that the same gun was used in an armed robbery six months previously, a web of lies involving a faked robbery and a gang of money laundering thieves is exposed.


  • Approximately a year has passed since the formation of UCOS.


  • Tim Woodward, who played Donald Bevan in the previous episode, was replaced by Nicholas Day.
  • This episode served as the first appearance of the second UCOS Headquarters.
  • The air gap between this episode and its preceding one is the longest for any of the same series—this is most likely due to the preceding episode being a pilot.
  • ID Parade technically served as the first official episode of New Tricks, as the instalment preceding it was a television pilot.

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