Do you think I'm going to destroy the reputation of a man like Jack Halford? A copper with two commendations for bravery as well as The Queen's Police Medal. A man whose voice I could still recognise even after 25 years. No, I don't think so.
— Karen Hardwick, Casualty

In-Universe Page
Karen Hardwick
Karen Hardwick
Physical Information
Name Karen Hardwick
Born c.1940s
Portrayed by Lynda Bellingham
Appearances Casualty
Occupational Information
Occupation Metropolitan Police Officer (??-April 2007)
Title Detective Chief Inspector (retired)
Police Branch Pedophile Unit (c.1982-??)
UCOS (Briefly in April 2007)

Karen Hardwick was a Detective Chief Inspector for the Metropolitan Police Service, retiring in April 2007. On her final week of employment, she was sent into UCOS under cover by Robert Strickland in order to investigate the real reason behind Jack Halford's vehicle collision. Instead of telling Strickland the truth she decided to defend Jack's actions on the basis of his highly positive reputation.

UCOS Recruitment

After Sandra Pullman's intervention with Jack Halford's attempted murder on Ricky Hanson, Robert Strickland decided to investigate further by placing Karen Hardwick under cover within UCOS. She pretended to be a police officer about to retire, which was true, with an interest in joining the Unsolved Crimes unit - Sandra was hostile, but polite, as she thought this meant as a replacement for Jack. After revealing her true intentions she left with delight in the fact that she was now retired.


  • Karen Hardwick is the shortest serving member of UCOS. Arguably she was only placed in a temporary under cover capacity but she was a member nonetheless.
  • She was once Gerry Standing's Guv'nor on the pedophile unit . He flirted with her on her first day which made everyone else laugh, embarrassing Gerry.


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