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Norman Lestade
Norman Lestade Valerie Lestade
Physical Information
Name Norman Lestade
Born 1909[2]
Died 1976 (aged 67)[1]
Occupational Information
Occupation Family Butcher at Smithfield Market[3]
Family Information
Spouse Valerie Maud Lestade[4]
Children Gerald Standing
Other Paula Standing (grand-daughter)
Amelia Standing (grand-daughter)
Caitlin Standing (grand-daughter)
Gerald Standing II (great-grandson)
Sid Lestade[5] (nephew)
Barry Lestade[6] (nephew)
Harry Lestade (first cousin once removed)[7]
Gary Lestade (first cousin once removed)[8]
Larry Lestade (second cousin)[9]
Terry Lestade (cousin)[10]
Danny (nephew)[11]

Norman Lestade (b.1909-1976)[12] is the father of Gerald Standing. He worked as a family butcher at the Smithfield Market in London.[13]


  • He and Gerry did not get on well, to the extent where his son actually changed his name.
  • In Bermondsey Boy, on his gravestone, it is incorrectly stated that his name is "Gerald Norman Standing". It is unclear whether this was a simple mistake or if it was deliberately changed so as to not confuse new viewers.[14]


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