Old School Ties
Old School Ties
Series 9, Episode 2
Air date 3 September 2012
Written by Sarah Pinborough
Directed by Julian Simpson
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Old School Ties was the second episode of the ninth series of New Tricks.


Official BBC Synopsis
When the body of young PE teacher Jason Bowe is discovered in woodlands adjoining a prestigious boarding school, UCOS are asked to investigate the case quickly and discreetly. However, with the school busy preparing for a visit by prominent MP Geoffrey Parks, its headmistress is less than happy about the UCOS team's presence there. When Standing makes a discovery about another teacher, the team realise that they're dealing with a much wider and more complicated series of crimes that go back many years. Meanwhile, Standing pushes Pullman to find a replacement for Halford, and Lane struggles to cope with the secret he's been keeping.





Sourced directly from episode's credit sequence.



  • Directed by Julian Simpson
  • 1st Assistant Director - Lydia Currie
  • 2nd Assistant Director - Malcolm Davies
  • 3rd Assistant Director - Alex Currie-Clark
  • Floor Runner - James Davidson
  • Casting Director - Julia Duff CDG
  • Casting Director - Sophie Holland
  • Director of Photography - Graham Frake

Production Department

  • Executive Producer (Wall to Wall) - Richard Burrell
  • Executive Producer (BBC) - Polly Hill
  • Line Producer - Ian Scaife
  • Associate Producer - Roy Mitchell
  • Production Coordinator - Sam Baker
  • Production Coordinator - Ella Daines-Smith
  • Production Runner - Lisa Wakely
  • Production Accountant - Alan Gavin
  • Assistant Production Accountant - Jackie O'Sullivan
  • Production Designer - Jason Carlin
  • Publicity - Amanda Console


  • Series Location Manager - Susannah Booker
  • Location Manager - Spencer Normington
  • Assistant Location Manager - Adam Betterton
  • Unit Manager - Charlotte Mason

Camera and Electrical Department

  • Camera Operator - Andrei Austin
  • Focus Puller - Shirley Schumacher
  • Clapper Loader - Chris Williams
  • Camera Grip - Paul Hatchman
  • Gaffer - Derek McCulloch
  • Best Boy - Dave Bourke
  • Electrician - John Powell
  • Electrician - Harlon Haveland

Sound Department

  • Sound Mixer - Simon Bishop
  • Sound Maintenance Engineer - Jason Bennett
  • Sound Trainee - Nina Rice

Art Department

  • Art Director - Keith Dunne
  • Standby Art Director - Sara Hayward
  • Props Buyer - Duncan Windram Wheeler
  • Graphic Designer - Richard Wells
  • Art Department Assistant - Claire Shakespeare
  • Props Master - Colin Badbury
  • Standby Props - Kenny Palmer
  • Props Handler #1 - Simon Bradbury-Philip
  • Props Handler #2 - Max Grant
  • Props Handler #3 - Doug Irvine
  • Standby Carpenter - Andy Fox

Costume Department

  • Costume Designer - Eleanor Baker
  • Costume Supervisor - Alison Roberts
  • Costume Standby - Billy Hayes
  • Costume Trainee - Fay Roxburgh
  • Make-Up/Hair Designer - Pat Hay
  • Make-Up/Hair Artist #1 - Iain Guthrie
  • Make-Up/Hair Artist #2 - David Watkin
  • Make-Up Trainee - Philippa Blake

Editing Department

  • Script Editor - Frances Flannery
  • Script Supervisor - Caroline Holder
  • Editor - Nigel Bunyan
  • Assistant Editor - Lisa Clifford-Owen
  • Dubbing Mixer - Billy Mahoney
  • Dialogue Editor - Billy Mahoney Jr
  • Effects Editor - Arran Mahoney
  • Colourist - Gareth Spensley
  • Online Editor - Nick Anderson


  • Composed by Warren Bennett
  • "It's Alright" - Written by Mike Moran, Sung by Dennis Waterman


  • Once again Sandra Pullman has been tasked to find a suitable replacement for Jack, but is reluctant due to her refusal to believe that he's gone forever - the last time this happened was when Jack went missing four years earlier.[1][2] This annoys Gerry Standing because his and Brian's workload has subsequently increased since Jack has left. He forces her to read the candidate forms, which she does, but firmly stops as soon as he's gone.
  • Brian Lane struggles to keep Jack Halford's secret and so eventually tells his wife, Esther.



  1. Final Curtain
  2. A Face For Radio

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