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Painting On Loan
New Tricks Ser 01 Ep 02 Painting On Loan
Series 1, Episode 3
Air date 8 April 2004
Written by Nick Fisher
Directed by Jamie Payne
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Painting On Loan was the third episode of the first series of New Tricks.


UCOS is tasked with investigating the cause of a missing painting in the Queen's art collection. Totty Vogel-Downing, an art fraud expert, is assigned to assist them for the length of the investigation.


Spoilers ahead

A fake painting is discovered in the Queen's art collection. The investigation swiftly reveals a trail of frauds and suspicious deaths. The team find out who originally forged the painting, but discover he died in 1978. They uncover a link between the forger and an art dealer who also died in 1978. They ultimately find out that a criminal who unknowingly bought one of the fake paintings is responsible for trying to kill the forger, killing the dealer and for forcing the royal curator to steal the real painting to replace his forgery.

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