In-Universe Page
Robert McAndrew
Robert McAndrew
Physical Information
Name Robert McAndrew
Born c.1928
Died October 2014 (aged 86)
Portrayed by Ian Hogg
Appearances The English Defence
Occupational Information
Occupation Docker
Family Information
Children Steve McAndrew
Alice McAndrew
Other Stewie McAndrew (grandson)
Tricia McAndrew (former daughter-in-law)

Robert McAndrew (1928-2014) was the father of Steve McAndrew and Alice McAndrew. He hated his son, Steve, to the point of not even rating him as such, possibly because he opted to work for the Strathclyde Police in favour of family tradition, a Docker.


  • According to Tricia McAndrew, he was partially responsible for her divorce with Steve.
  • Also according to Tricia, he beat his wife into an early grave.
  • He would physically abuse Steve for very minimal reasons e.g. crumbs on floor.

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