What the hell do you think I was doing?! I come back from the pub, find Lauren on the kitchen floor, I try and save her then decide to make a run for it only to change my mind and come back? It didn't make sense then, and it makes even less sense now!
— Scott Bunce, The Sins Of The Father

In-Universe Page
Scott Bunce
Scott Bunce
Physical Information
Name Scott Bunce
Born c.1950s
Portrayed by Gerard Horan
Appearances The Sins Of The Father
Occupational Information
Occupation Getaway Driver (formerly)
Family Information
Spouse Lauren Bunce (??-1997; her death)
Children Elizabeth Bunce
Joe Bunce (b.1992-d.1996)

Scott Bunce (born c.1950s) was the husband of Lauren Bunce and father of Elizabeth Bunce. In 1997 he was wrongly convicted of murdering his wife and, despite protesting his innocence, served a 16 year sentence for a crime that he did not commit. Prior to his conviction he had a known reputation of being a highly skilled getaway driver in London. On 8th April 1996 his son, Joe Bunce, had been killed in a hit and run which resulted in Bunce and his wife becoming distant and, after a massive row, he stormed off to his local pub which police used as a sufficient motive for killing her. Sixteen years later UCOS discovered he was innocent after all and that the Bunce family's liaison officer, Mike Flemming, was actually the one responsible. His wife had been having an affair with Flemming for many months until 6th June 1997 where she asked him to come round after a falling out with Bunce. It ultimately led to her rejecting him on the basis of wanting to stay with her daughter and a short brawl involving a knife ensued which ended up inside her. Bunce has since reconciled with his daughter and forgiven his neighbour, Murray Blaker, for giving questionable evidence against him.[1]


  • Shortly after arriving in the neighbourhood he destroyed his neighbour's prized roses because they were on his side of the lawn. He has since admitted to it and has apologised.


  1. The Sins Of The Father

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