In-Universe Page
Tricia McAndrew
Tricia McAndrew
Physical Information
Name Tricia McAndrew
Portrayed by Julie Graham
Appearances Ghosts
The English Defence
Family Information
Spouse Steve McAndrew (??-c.2003; div.)
Partner Edward (c.2003-)
Children Stewie McAndrew
Other Robert McAndrew (former father-in-law)

Tricia McAndrew is the ex-wife of Steve McAndrew. They have a son together, Stewie, but after a massive argument in 2003 she got a divorce and moved herself and and her son down to London. She did not see her ex-husband until 11 years later in 2014.


  • Despite thinking of Steve as a poor father towards Stewie, she strongly denies that he is as bad as his father, Robert McAndrew , was to him.
  • Sometime in 2003 she had an affair with Frank McNair, an incident that led to Steve violently assualting him and throwing a radio at Tricia. She would later divorce him and move to London, taking full custody of their son, Stewie.
  • Interestingly, she still holds her married name as opposed to her currently unknown maiden name.

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