Nobody wants to watch their favourite TV programme with the entire plot spoiled and, here at the New Tricks Wiki, we feel that it is our responsibility to prevent this from happening to the best of our ability.

The definition of a spoiler is any information coming from an episode that has not officially aired.

Therefore we ask all editors to strictly abide to some simple rules:

  1. Information/Creation of articles for future episodes is FORBIDDEN! <-- You have been warned!
  2. We do allow spoilers in special places - on its respected "Series Overview" and it must have the {{spoiler}} tag at the TOP!
  3. Spoilers must always be in TEXT FORMAT since images can crop up in spoiler-forbidden areas.
  4. Rumours must be sourced with good quality references - At the moment we will accept IMDB as a source but this is temporary!
  5. The rules expire once an episode has fully aired, or all episodes have aired in the case of a series.

We will try our best to warn you about potential spoilers but you should be fine with a bit of common sense.

List of pages containing spoilers, including templates, are as follows:

Thank You!

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