Case Number: 000000001

Date: 18 September 2014

Reporting Officer: Constable GothicWolf

Change Type: Added Character introductions


Badges earnt:

  • Just the beginning
  • Still got plenty to say
  • Making friends
  • First Case
  • Just Another replacement
  • Something to say?

On Spetember 18, 2014, at approximately 18:26, Constable Wolf arrived at the website, where Wolf found a stub article on DCI Sandra Pullman. Adding an introduction, Constable Wolf lead an investigation into the original main characters, the aforementioned DCI Pullman, ex-DSCI John Halford, ex-DCI Brian Lane and ex-DI Gerald Standing, as well as some information on the backgroud of Pullman's mother, Grace Pullman. Wolf also later added History onto the UCOS page.

Wolf also consulted DSCI Davidson about categories, but has not yet acted upon this answer.

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