Case Number: 0007

Date: 10th November 2014

Continuation date: 11th November 2014

Reporting Officer: Constable GothicWolf

Change Type: Series 1-3 Plots

Constable GothicWolf focused on helping the pages stop being stubs so added plot. Deciding it was too large a job for one go, Wolf decided to focus on these series, which will take Wolf multiple goes to complete

Pages changed:

  1. Good Work Rewarded
  2. Home Truths
  3. Talking To The Dead
  4. A Delicate Touch
  5. Family Business
  6. Trust Me
  7. Old And Cold
  8. Creative Problem Solving
  9. Eyes Down For A Full House
  10. Fluke Of Luck
  11. 17 Years Of Nothing
  12. Lady's Pleasure
  13. Dockers
  14. Old Dogs
  15. Diamond Geezers
  16. Wicca Work
  17. Bank Robbery
  18. Ice Cream Wars
  19. Congratulations

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