Case Number: 0012

Date: 23th May 2015, 28th July 2015

Reporting Officer: Constable GothicWolf

Change Type: Series 8 plots

Constable Wolf continue to change pages, to continue to complete of a goal Wolf had set earlier.

Pages Changed (italics for 23th May):

  • Old Fossils</li></li>
  • End Of The Line</li></li>
  • Lost In Translation</li></li>
  • Setting Out Your Stall</li></li>
  • Moving Target</li></li>
  • Objects Of Desire</li></li>
  • The Gentleman Vanishes</li></li>
  • Only The Brave</li></li>
  • Half Life</li></li>
  • Tiger Tiger</li>  </li>
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