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    October 27, 2014 by Scott Davidson

    The following is a list of the top-priorities that I intend to work on for the foreseeable future:

    1. Front Page
      • Making it look eye-catching and professional
    2. Series 10
      • Overview page needs all the guest cast members added
      • Individual episodes needs guest cast and crew added
    3. Series 9's Credits (I'll eventually get round to the other seasons)
      • Ditto from Series 10
    4. Bio Pages
      • Main Cast - both current and past members.

    You are certainly more than welcome to help out, particularly in the areas listed above. For credits I usually go to the BBC's official website and for the crew I source directly from the episode's credit sequence. I can't give an exact timescale due to being busy with Uni work however I am confident that this will take at least 3 months, if not…

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