In-Universe Page
Valerie Maud Lestade
Norman Lestade Valerie Lestade
Physical Information
Name Valerie Maud Lestade
Born 1911
Died 1982 (aged 71)[1]
Family Information
Spouse Norman Lestade
Children Gerald Standing
Other Paula Standing (grand-daughter)
Amelia Standing (grand-daughter)
Caitlin Standing (grand-daughter)
Gerald Standing II (great-grandson)

Valerie Maud Lestade (b.1911-1982) is the mother of Gerald Standing.


  • She and her son, Gerry, were very close.
  • In Bermondsey Boy, on her gravestone, it is incorrectly stated that her name is "Valerie Maud Standing". It is unclear if this was a simple mistake or that it was deliberately changed to avoid confusing new viewers.[2]


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